Election Administration

The Election Administration (EA) program was created to respond to ongoing problems that restrict Americans’ access to the democratic process. Project Vote’s team of experts works through research, litigation, advocacy, and field efforts to ensure that voter registration is accessible, effective, and enduring.

Right now, across the country and in all three branches of government, partisan battles are being fought over voter registration policies, voter list maintenance procedures, Election Day and early voting procedures, and other vital election administration issues that will shape the electorate in 2016 and beyond.

Project Vote’s Election Administration Program works to promote and protect policies that ensure that every eligible American can register, vote, and cast a ballot that counts. Our primary focuses are is on protecting registration drives from unnecessary restrictions; advocating for laws, policies, and procedures that remove barriers to registration and voting; and ensuring that list maintenance activities do not wrongly disenfranchise voters.

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Project Vote to Close Its Doors on May 31st

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It is with great sadness—but also tremendous pride in our accomplishments—that Project Vote announces we will be suspending operations indefinitely. Read more

Voter Suppression Bill is Moving in New Hampshire

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The New Hampshire House is considering a bill that will make registering to vote more difficult for students and low-income people. Read more

Third Circuit Panel Hears Oral Arguments on Voter Purge Case

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A panel of Third Circuit Court of Appeals judges heard oral arguments on a Philadelphia voter purge case. Read more

Testimony Opposing Bill to Modify Early Voting Procedures

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Project Vote submitted testimony to oppose HB 41, a bill to that proposed to change voter ID requirements during the early voting period. Read more

Montgomery County Board of Elections to review registration practices

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Montgomery County elections officials said they will review registration procedures in response to allegations from a conservative watchdog group that the county’s rolls are packed with ineligible voters — even as advocates and county Elections Board staff raised questions about the group’s claims. Read more

Letter in to Gov. Burgum in Opposition to North Dakota Voter ID Bill

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Project Vote submitted testimony to North Dakota Governor Burgum in opposition to voter ID bill, HB 1369. Read more

Legislative Review on Texas Proof-of-Citizenship Bill

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Project Vote submitted a legislative review with the League of Women Voters of Texas on proof-of-citizenship bill HB 3474. Read more

Project Vote Testifies Against Call for Potentially Illegal Voter Purge

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A “conservative legal watchdog group” has targeted Maryland’s largest county in its latest effort to force election officials to purge... Read more

Letter to Maryland State Board of Elections Regarding Judicial Watch Threat to Sue Over Voter Rolls

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Project Vote and Demos respond to Judicial Watch’s threat to sue the state of Maryland for purported violations of the National Voter Registration Act regarding voter list maintenance. Read more

The Responsible Way to Increase Voter Access: Same Day Registration

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Same day registration is known to boost voter turnout and keep voter rolls clean. Why aren't more states passing and implementing SDR laws? Read more