Voter Participation

The mission of the Voter Participation Program is to increase voter participation among historically disenfranchised communities. For over 20 years, Project Vote has developed and run large-scale voter registration drives and Get Out the Vote programs that placed paid canvassers—occasionally volunteers—of local community organizations in high traffic sites in neighborhoods of color.

Currently, Project Vote fulfills this mission by providing specialized technical help to partner organizations and nonprofit service providers who want to run voter engagement efforts within their constituencies, and by contributing leadership, knowledge, and critical infrastructure to the civic engagement sector.

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Project Vote Vows to Hold Jefferson Sessions Accountable

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Project Vote President Michael Slater's statement on the confirmation of Sen. Jefferson Sessions to be the U.S. Attorney General. Read more

Voter Fraud Experts: Trump’s “Bizarre” Claim Of Illegal Votes Could Lead To Severe Voter Restrictions

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President Donald Trump’s continued bogus claims that between three and five million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 presidential election have drawn concern and criticism from voter fraud experts who say the allegation hurts the new administration’s credibility and paves the way for severe voter restrictions. Read more

Debunking Trump’s Voter Fraud Lies is Not Enough; We Must Also Prepare for What Comes Next

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The Trump administration's lies about illegal voting signal a massive attack on voting rights. Read more

Project Vote Condemns Trump’s Dangerous Lies about “Illegal Voting”

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Donald Trump used his first official meeting with congressional leaders to falsely claim illegal voters cost him the popular vote. Project Vote’s president, Michael Slater, responds. Read more

All This Talk of Voter Fraud? Across U.S., Officials Found Next to None

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The overwhelming consensus from election officials across the country is that there is virtually no voter fraud in America. Read more

Confirm in Haste, Repent in Leisure: Congress Must Delay Hearings on Trump’s Attorney General

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Given his troubling past and his failure to provide required information, Congress must delay the confirmation hearings of Jefferson Sessions. Read more

Project Vote Strongly Opposes Trump’s Nomination of Jefferson Sessions as Attorney General

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Project Vote calls on Mr. Trump to reconsider his choice of Jefferson Sessions for Attorney General, and we call on the Senate Judiciary Committee to roundly reject the appointment should it move forward. Read more

The Foxes Guarding the Henhouse: A Voting Rights Guide to the Trump White House

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The election may be over, but—as the Trump administration takes shape—it's clear that the battle for voting rights is just beginning. Read more

“Now we go to work.” An Open Letter to the Civil Rights Community from Project Vote’s President

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A post-election message to the civil and voting rights communities, from Project Vote president Michael Slater. Read more

Project Vote Commends Sec. Cegavske for Extending Voter Nevada’s Voter Registration Deadlines

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Project Vote congratulates Sec. Cegavske on taking a common-sense response to voter registration deadlines, and ensuring that Nevada residents who make a good faith effort to register will be able to vote this November. Read more