Voter Participation

The mission of the Voter Participation Program is to increase voter participation among historically disenfranchised communities. For over 20 years, Project Vote has developed and run large-scale voter registration drives and Get Out the Vote programs that placed paid canvassers—occasionally volunteers—of local community organizations in high traffic sites in neighborhoods of color.

Currently, Project Vote fulfills this mission by providing specialized technical help to partner organizations and nonprofit service providers who want to run voter engagement efforts within their constituencies, and by contributing leadership, knowledge, and critical infrastructure to the civic engagement sector.

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Project Vote to Close Its Doors on May 31st

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It is with great sadness—but also tremendous pride in our accomplishments—that Project Vote announces we will be suspending operations indefinitely. Read more

Join Project Vote for Oregon Lobby Day

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On March 8, join Project Vote and other voting rights organizations to lobby Oregon lawmakers for fair and equal access to the democratic process. Read more

A Closer Look at Husted’s Allegations of Non-Citizen Voting

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Project Vote's president, Michael Slater, explains why we have to take the Ohio Secretary of State's allegations with a giant grain of salt. Read more

Voter Fraud: The Research and Findings

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Countless studies and investigations have debunked the myth of widespread "voter fraud." Here, Project Vote's Jennifer Jacquot-DeVries reviews the findings and paints a comprehensive picture of a virtually non-existent problem. Read more

Map: Current Status of The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

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An infographic showing the current status of state legislation to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, as of February 2017. Read more

Fact Sheet: The Truth About “Voter Fraud”

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Facts, talking points, and links to studies debunking the myth that "voter fraud" is a widespread problem in American elections. Read more

Debunking Voter Fraud–An Interview with Michael Slater

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Brad Friedman of the Brad Blog interviews Project Vote president Michael Slater about Trump's voter fraud allegations, and how they signal a massive attack on voting rights. Read more

Project Vote Vows to Hold Jefferson Sessions Accountable

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Project Vote President Michael Slater's statement on the confirmation of Sen. Jefferson Sessions to be the U.S. Attorney General. Read more

Voter Fraud Experts: Trump’s “Bizarre” Claim Of Illegal Votes Could Lead To Severe Voter Restrictions

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President Donald Trump’s continued bogus claims that between three and five million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 presidential election have drawn concern and criticism from voter fraud experts who say the allegation hurts the new administration’s credibility and paves the way for severe voter restrictions. Read more

Debunking Trump’s Voter Fraud Lies is Not Enough; We Must Also Prepare for What Comes Next

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The Trump administration's lies about illegal voting signal a massive attack on voting rights. Read more