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Dec 9 / Erin Ferns Lee

Ohio Voters May Decide on Fate of New Restrictive Election Law

Ohioans will vote next year on whether the state should overturn a new election law that severely limits early voting, thanks to a petition that garnered more than 300,000 signatures from concerned citizens.

Today, Secretary of State Jon Husted “certified that petitioners seeking a referendum on House Bill 194 have collected 307,358 valid signatures, meeting the requirements to place the issue on the 2012 November ballot,” according to a press release.

Voters will decide on whether to overturn HB 194, which limits their access to early and absentee voting, as well as poll worker assistance. Under HB 194 “the short lines and uncomplicated voting process during 2008’s record voting turnout will be replaced by long waits, confused voters, and a glut of provisional ballots,” according to the ACLU of Ohio’s Web site.

Learn more about HB 194 here.

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