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Aug 12 / Erin Ferns Lee

North Carolina Governor Signs Voter Suppression Law


Today, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed one of the nation’s most sweeping voter suppression laws.

The new law (HB 589/Chapter SL 2013-381) features a variety of detrimental provisions that will block eligible citizens from registering to vote and casting a ballot in the state. These provisions include:

  • a restrictive photo voter ID requirement;
  • the elimination of pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds;
  • the elimination of same-day voter registration;
  • the reduction of early voting by one week;
  • the elimination of the mandate for high schools to conduct voter registration drives; and
  • increased leniency for voter suppression groups like True the Vote to challenge and intimidate voters at the polls.

“The move is likely to touch off a major court battle over voting rights, and the Justice Department is weighing a challenge to the new law,” the Washington Post reports.

Photo by Hal Goodtree via Creative Commons license

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