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Photo: Jimmy Emerson via Creative Commons Voting Rights Fight in Georgia Grows More Intense
By Erin Ferns Lee October 24, 2016

The fight for voting rights in Georgia isn’t new; we have been working there for years. Read more


Photo: Carl Lender via Creative Commons Florida Fails to Register Voters at Motor Vehicles Offices
By Project Vote October 19, 2016

Florida residents have been denied the federally required opportunity to register to vote when interacting with motor vehicles offices. Read more

Election Legislation

The Supreme Court of the United States Legislative Threats and Opportunities Update
By Marissa Liebling September 16, 2016

While legislative activity has slowed over the summer, the legal battles over election laws are heating up. Project Vote Legislative Director Marissa Liebling discusses the current landscape. Read more

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Voter Fraud Myth Drives Voter ID Issue Into 2011

By PV Admin December 6, 2010

“There’s this idea that dozens of people are coming to polling places every hour claiming to be someone else,” said... Read more