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(Denise Womack-Avila/Creative Commons) How Motor Voter Law Helps Improve Voter Registration Rates in New Mexico
By Colline Ferrier July 6, 2016

When states comply with federal voter registration law, more citizens register to vote. Project Vote policy analyst, Colline Ferrier offers a visual on how this works in New Mexico. Read more


Project Vote interns Sarah Schwartz, Julia Burzynski, and Jacob Conarck stand outside the U.S. Court of Appeals. (Project Vote) Federal Court Hears Pivotal Voting Rights Case
By Sarah Schwartz June 23, 2016

This week, a federal court heard a case "that will determine the outcome of one of the most unprecedented attacks against voting rights in history." Read more

Election Legislation

(Sarah Hattie/Creative Commons) Groups Tell Gov. Kasich to Veto Bill That Violates Voting Rights
By Erin Ferns Lee May 31, 2016

Project Vote and Ohio advocacy groups urge Governor Kasich to veto a bill that would make it harder to keep polling places open in the event of an emergency. Read more

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Vote by Mail Spreads, But Doesn’t Help All Voters

By Teresa James June 3, 2010

Some progressives overlook that voting by mail does not always help their longtime constituents. As state and county officials look... Read more