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Photo: Catherine Flanagan/Project Vote North Carolina Citizens Take Action for Democracy
By Catherine Flanagan July 14, 2015

Thousands of North Carolinians traveled from all over the state to support the lawsuit challenging the 2013 Voter Information Verification Act... Read more

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Photo: Marissa Liebling/Project Vote Voting Rights Struggle Continues Today
By Marissa Liebling October 7, 2015

Elusive: (adj) hard to find or capture. This is how Representative Terri Sewell (D-AL) described the long, ongoing fight to... Read more

Election Legislation

Photo: Center for American Progress Action Fund via Creative Commons New Federal Bill Would Help Engage Younger Citizens in our Democracy
By Marissa Liebling September 16, 2015

Project Vote supports a new federal bill aimed at increasing civic participation for young Americans. Today, Congressmen Don Beyer and... Read more

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New Mexico Agrees to Implement “Motor Voter” Law

By Erin Ferns Lee July 8, 2010

Many Americans gain access to the ballot when they make a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles. In fact,... Read more