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archita_demawakening_540x425 Democracy Awakening Brings Activism to D.C .
By Archita Taylor April 18, 2016

Archita Taylor, Project Vote election counsel, writes on the Democracy Awakening in which thousands gathered in the nation's capitol to demand Congress to act to restore integrity to our political process. Read more


Photo- paulhami via Creative Commons Advocates to Court: Protect Rights of N.C. Voters This November
By Erin Ferns Lee March 22, 2016

North Carolina needs to follow the law before the state blocks more people from voting in November. Read more

Election Legislation

vote_cc_license_cx2 Voting Restoration Proposals Don’t Go Far Enough
By Courtnay Sellers April 7, 2016

Although legislation is introduced every year, the fight to restore voting rights to citizens with a history of felony convictions is an uphill battle. Read more

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The Disenfranchisement of Communities through the Criminal Justice System

By Erin Ferns Lee October 18, 2010

Expanding ballot access to all voting-age citizens, particularly the millions who are living and working in our communities with past... Read more