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Aug 1 / Anjani Shah

Anjani Shah: Reflecting on My Summer Internship at Project Vote

Anjani Shah interned with Project Vote's Nonprofit Partners' Initiative in the summer of 2015. (Photo: Project Vote)

Anjani Shah interned with Project Vote’s Nonprofit Partners’ Initiative in the summer of 2015.

Searching for an internship in Washington, D.C. is no easy task. Any professional living in the D.C. area is familiar with eager students struggling to push themselves onto the metro to walk up the Capitol Hill steps in heavy suits or high heels, or looking awful in the picture on their badges. As thrilling as all of this sounds, I knew I was looking for a different set of characteristics in a summer internship experience.

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Jul 31 / Anjani Shah

Nonprofit Profile: Voter Registration is “Empowering” to Philadelphia Group

Yoel Solís of the Federation of Neighborhood Centers in Philadelphia shares his experience with Project Vote's voter registration training.

Yoel Solís of the Federation of Neighborhood Centers in Philadelphia shares his experience with Project Vote’s voter registration training. (Photo: Anjani Shah/Project Vote)

“It’s key that we communicate the message that voting is accessible and that being a voter is personally empowering,” said Yoel Solís, a recent participant in Project Vote’s new Nonprofit Partners Initiative.

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Jul 30 / Anjani Shah

Project Vote Offers Free Voter Registration Trainings to Nonprofits

Photo: Anjani Shah/Project Vote

Project Vote is proud to announce the launch of the Nonprofit Partners Initiative. Project Vote will now offer free, in-person trainings to nonprofit frontline staff and support service-provider organizations such as food banks, community centers, and housing programs in bringing voter registration to their communities.

Many nonprofits work with communities that face significant barriers in registering to vote and voting. Service organizations can assist and encourage those communities to participate in today’s democracy in a way few other organizations can. In turn, through voter registration, nonprofits provide an additional service to their communities, build a base of supporters, and strengthen their voice in state advocacy.

This month, as part of the launch of the program, Project Vote organizers traveled to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Arizona.

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Jul 29 / Project Vote

Infographic: How to Amplify Your Nonprofit’s Impact With Voter Registration

Infographic: Nonprofit Partners Initiative

Jul 29 / Project Vote

Infografico: Como amplificar el impacto de su organizacion con el registro de votante