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Shelby County and the Power of the SCOTUS Swing Vote

Photo: Steve Petteway, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States (Roberts Court (2010-) – The Oyez Project) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Two years ago today, the Supreme Court delivered a devastating blow to the Voting Rights Act in its Shelby County... Read more

Project Vote Urges Lawmakers to Support New Voting Rights Bill

Leahy Introduces Voting Rights Advancement Act

Project Vote submitted a letter today to urge members of Congress to support the Voting Rights Advancement Act Read more

The View from the Bridge


Wonderful as the idea of a 50th anniversary weekend commemorating Bloody Sunday seemed, the risk was that it would only be a look backward. Connections needed to be made with what is going on now... Read more

Why Selma Matters Today


On March 7 1965, over 500 civil rights activists led by John Lewis and Hosea Williams embarked on a march... Read more

Shelby and Selma


Read more

The Right to Vote Needs Defenders in High Places


What does the secretary of state do, exactly? No, not John Kerry: the secretaries of state of the STATES. Well,... Read more

Project Vote Testimony on State of Civil Rights


Project Vote submitted testimony today on “The State of Civil and Human Rights in the United States”  for a hearing held... Read more

Time for Bipartisanship on Voting Rights


When the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals last week rejected the claims of Arizona and Kansas that their states’ voter... Read more

Courts Block Restrictive Voting Laws Before Election Day, Showing Need for Broad Voting Protections


Hang on to your hats, voters. With less than four weeks left before the general election, new voting restrictions were... Read more

What Kind of Year Has It Been for Election Laws?


WASHINGTON, DC — With Americans heading to the polls in just four weeks, a new report from voting rights group... Read more