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Michigan Tries to Rush Voter ID Through Lame-Duck Session
By Marissa Liebling December 6, 2016

Michigan voters are already suffering from an antiquated election system, and the proposed voter ID laws would only make things worse. Read more


Civil Rights Coalition: Sessions is Unfit to Serve as Attorney General
By Project Vote December 1, 2016

Project Vote joins 144 other national organizations to denounce Sen. Jeff Sessions' nomination to become Attorney General of the United States. Read more

Election Legislation

Legislative Threats and Opportunities Update
By Erin Ferns Lee January 17, 2017

With this new wave of hostility toward the democratic process, we can expect to see fewer viable legislative efforts to modernize election administration, and more egregious efforts to block the vote. Read more

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Legislative Threats and Opportunities Update

By Erin Ferns Lee November 21, 2016

While advocates and lawmakers have slowly worked over the last 50-plus years to make the democratic process more inclusive, efficient, and modern, the future of voting rights remains uncertain under Trump. Read more

The Foxes Guarding the Henhouse: A Voting Rights Guide to the Trump White House

By Michael McDunnah November 18, 2016

The election may be over, but—as the Trump administration takes shape—it's clear that the battle for voting rights is just beginning. Read more

The Role of Voter Suppression in the 2016 Election

By Archita Taylor November 17, 2016

While the full impact of voter suppression measures in the United States is unclear, we do have a glimpse into all the many barriers that affected voters and would-be voters in the 2016 elections. Read more

“Now we go to work.” An Open Letter to the Civil Rights Community from Project Vote’s President

By Michael Slater November 9, 2016

A post-election message to the civil and voting rights communities, from Project Vote president Michael Slater. Read more

Pennsylvania’s Guidance on Voter Intimidation Serves as a Model For Other States

By Sarah Brannon October 31, 2016

Pennsylvania takes steps to ensure Election Day runs smoothly and fairly in light of dangerous rhetoric about rigged elections and vigilante poll monitors. Project Vote encourages other states to follow suit. Read more

Good News in Lawsuit to Protect NC Voters

By Michael Slater October 28, 2016

A federal judge has ordered North Carolina election officials to take actions to protect eligible citizens and allow them to vote by provisional ballot on November 8. Read more

Federal Laws Protect Voters from Intimidation at the Polls

By Niyati Shah October 27, 2016

Project Vote election counsel, Niyati Shah reminds everyone—voters, advocates, and even potential “election observers”— that there are federal laws protecting people who go to the polls on November 8. Read more

Voting Rights Fight in Georgia Grows More Intense

By Erin Ferns Lee October 24, 2016

The fight for voting rights in Georgia isn’t new; we have been working there for years. Read more

Florida Fails to Register Voters at Motor Vehicles Offices

By Project Vote October 19, 2016

Florida residents have been denied the federally required opportunity to register to vote when interacting with motor vehicles offices. Read more

Election Officials Should Stop Running Out the Clock on Voter Registration

By Michelle Kanter Cohen October 7, 2016

A holiday weekend and a hurricane could play havoc with some Americans' ability to register to vote this year. Read more