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Apr 1 / Project Vote

New Organizing Institute and Project Vote Announce New Home for DECC

New Organizing Institute (NOI) and Project Vote are pleased to announce that the Data Entry Consolidation Center (DECC) will now be housed at Project Vote.

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Mar 31 / Keir Lamont

Youth Preregistration Bill Passes in Utah

Photo: KOMUnews via Creative Commons

On March 24, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed H.B. 340 (Voter Preregistration Amendments) into law. This legislation provides that citizens who are aged 16 or 17 and have resided in Utah for at least 30 days shall have the opportunity to preregister to vote so as to become automatically registered upon their eighteenth birthday. The Voter Preregistration Amendments passed by unanimous margins of 71-0 in the Utah House and 29-0 in the Utah Senate. Speaking from the House floor, bill sponsor Jon Cox (R-58) argued that “we know voter participation rates are very low among [younger voters] but those who do participate do so throughout their lifetime. If voter participation is something that we want to encourage…I do believe [this bill] can help.”

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Mar 30 / Erin Ferns Lee

Indiana Election Bill Could Be Confusing for Students

An omnibus election bill that is moving through the Indiana legislature could pose a risk of intimidating student voters.

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Mar 20 / Keir Lamont

New Study Assesses the Impact of Voter Registration Deadlines

Photo: Brande Jackson via Creative Commons

Voter registration deadlines vary widely between different states. Twelve states currently provide Same Day Registration (SDR) which permits voters to register and cast their ballot on Election Day. North Dakota has no registration requirement whatsoever. However, the majority of states require voters to register to vote prior to Election Day, many as far in advance as one month before the election. These strict and inherently arbitrary voting registration cutoffs appear to substantially limit Election Day turnout. Many eligible citizens become interested in voting during the few weeks before Election Day, when media coverage and campaigning reach their peaks. Furthermore, placing the onus of updating voter registration records on individuals is a burden for voters who move prior to an election.

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Mar 19 / Project Vote

Voter Empowerment Act would Improve Elections for Both Voters and Officials

Today, the Voter Empowerment Act (VEA) was introduced in the House of Representatives. Estelle Rogers, legislative director for Project Vote, issued the following statement in support of this important legislation.

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