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la Louisiana Federal Court Upholds the Spirit and Letter of the NVRA
By Niyati Shah July 28, 2016

In an exhaustive opinion handed down in Louisiana, a federal district court basically held that mere lip service to the public assistance provisions of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) is not an option. Read more


Project Vote interns Sarah Schwartz, Julia Burzynski, and Jacob Conarck stand outside the U.S. Court of Appeals. (Project Vote) Federal Court Hears Pivotal Voting Rights Case
By Sarah Schwartz June 23, 2016

This week, a federal court heard a case "that will determine the outcome of one of the most unprecedented attacks against voting rights in history." Read more

Election Legislation

(Sarah Hattie/Creative Commons) Groups Tell Gov. Kasich to Veto Bill That Violates Voting Rights
By Erin Ferns Lee May 31, 2016

Project Vote and Ohio advocacy groups urge Governor Kasich to veto a bill that would make it harder to keep polling places open in the event of an emergency. Read more

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In Support of the Automatic Voter Registration Act

By Marissa Liebling July 18, 2016

Introduced last week, the Automatic Voter Registration Act would create a modernized registration system fit for the twenty-first century. Read more

Legislative Threats and Opportunities Update

President Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act, August 6, 1965. This will be the first election cycle in over 50 years without the anti-discrimination protections of the VRA.
By Erin Ferns Lee July 15, 2016

In 2016, the trend in voting bills has been towards modernizing the voter registration process to make voting more accessible. But the threat from lawmakers to pass laws that make it harder for citizens to vote remains, and this will be the first election cycle in fifty years without the protections of the Voting Rights Act. Read more

Automatic Voter Registration and the NVRA: A New Report (and a Podcast) Explains

AVR Cover
By Project Vote July 15, 2016

Today we are proud to release Automatic Voter Registration: Two NVRA-Compliant Models, by election counsel Niyati Shah, and an audio... Read more

Time Off to Vote? New Tool Helps Voters Understand Election Rules

By Project Vote July 11, 2016

Do you get time off to vote on Election Day? Free online voting resource, Electionary, provides this information and more. Read more

Voter Registration Builds Power in Your Community

By Amy Busefink July 7, 2016

Voter registration is the first step every citizen must take before they can participate in the democratic process. There are... Read more

How Motor Voter Law Helps Improve Voter Registration Rates in New Mexico

(Denise Womack-Avila/Creative Commons)
By Colline Ferrier July 6, 2016

When states comply with federal voter registration law, more citizens register to vote. Project Vote policy analyst, Colline Ferrier offers a visual on how this works in New Mexico. Read more

Don’t Forget About Same Day Registration

(Project Vote)
By LaShonda Brenson, Marissa Liebling July 5, 2016

As lawmakers look to adopt trendy automatic voter registration policies, let's not forget about same day registration, one of the most effective ways to boost turnout and balance the electorate. Read more

An Honest Guide to Engaging New Voters

By Colline Ferrier June 28, 2016

Project Vote's Colline Ferrier offers her tips and tricks on how to engage the public, which can be applied to efforts to help engage new voters. Read more

Expanding Opportunities to Register to Vote Online

By Marissa Liebling, Rosemarie Clouston June 24, 2016

While 38 states and the District of Columbia have created, or are creating, opportunities for their residents to register to vote online, only a handful have online systems that are fully accessible to all their residents. Read more

The Struggle to Protect Voting Rights Continues in 2016

By Julia Burzynski June 24, 2016

Project Vote intern Julia Burzynski explores the repercussions of the first major election without voting protections that were once guaranteed by the Voting Rights Act. Read more