Oct 30 / Michael Slater

Voter Suppression is a Monster in the Dark


We are on the ground in five states, asking voters to pledge to vote on Nov. 4.

Here’s a Halloween scare for you: what if they held an election, and no one came?

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Oct 15 / Erin Ferns Lee

31,000 Illinois Citizens Register to Vote Online Before the November Election

Thirty-one thousand Illinois citizens registered to vote online and more than a third of the applications arrived two days before last week’s deadline, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

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Oct 10 / Erin Ferns Lee

Courts Block Restrictive Voting Laws Before Election Day, Showing Need for Broad Voting Protections

Credit: domesticat/Creative Commons license

Hang on to your hats, voters. With less than four weeks left before the general election, new voting restrictions were put on hold yet again. Keep reading for the latest voting rules in North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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Oct 6 / PV Admin

What Kind of Year Has It Been for Election Laws?

New report shows support for reform is growing,  but not fast enough to help most voters this November.

New Project Vote report shows support for reform is growing, but not fast enough to help most voters this November.

WASHINGTON, DC — With Americans heading to the polls in just four weeks, a new report from voting rights group Project Vote shows that many beneficial election reforms were proposed in 2014, but few voters will find it easier to cast a ballot on November 4.

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Oct 3 / Jennifer Jacquot-DeVries

What am I fighting for?

I Voted Sticker

Credit: Project Vote

Another election year is upon us, and we are in the throes of finding the funds we need to get out the vote this year.

But, what are we up against here, knowing that, in 2010, the average voter participation rate was 41 percent?

Sometimes, to be perfectly frank, I have to take the time to remember:

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