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Voter Registration Bill Would Disenfranchise Voters Over Typos
By Project Vote March 8, 2017

Project Vote is urging Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to veto a harmful voter registration bill that recently passed the legislature. Read more

Staff Posts

A Closer Look at Husted’s Allegations of Non-Citizen Voting
By Michael Slater February 28, 2017

Project Vote's president, Michael Slater, explains why we have to take the Ohio Secretary of State's allegations with a giant grain of salt. Read more

In the States

Maryland Considers Voting Bill That Can Improve Voter Turnout
By Project Vote February 16, 2017

Maryland's same-day registration bill, HB 345 would "help ensure that all eligible Marylanders can make their voices heard in the political process." Read more

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Confirm in Haste, Repent in Leisure: Congress Must Delay Hearings on Trump’s Attorney General

By Michael Slater December 15, 2016

Given his troubling past and his failure to provide required information, Congress must delay the confirmation hearings of Jefferson Sessions. Read more

How Voter Fraud Claims Justify Voter Suppression After the Election

By Erin Ferns Lee December 9, 2016

Instead of building safeguards and protecting eligible Americans’ right to vote, these lawmakers and partisans are using the last weeks of 2016 to willfully try to weaken our democracy. Read more

Michigan Tries to Rush Voter ID Through Lame-Duck Session

By Marissa Liebling December 6, 2016

Michigan voters are already suffering from an antiquated election system, and the proposed voter ID laws would only make things worse. Read more

Civil Rights Coalition: Sessions is Unfit to Serve as Attorney General

By Project Vote December 1, 2016

Project Vote joins 144 other national organizations to denounce Sen. Jeff Sessions' nomination to become Attorney General of the United States. Read more

Project Vote Board Member on Democracy Under Trump

By Project Vote November 30, 2016

Project Vote board member and associate professor at Fordham University, Christina Greer discusses Donald Trump's threat to democracy on MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes. Read more

Monitor Voting Rights Legislation in 2017

By Michael Slater November 30, 2016

Under the current political climate, we can expect newly emboldened state legislatures to do awful things. If you want to stay informed of what’s happening to voting rights at the state level, here are some resources. Read more

New Report Explains How “Motor Voter” is Leaving Voters Who Move Behind

By Project Vote November 23, 2016

When you update your address at the DMV, they should also update your voter registration. But a new report explains how—in too many states—that just isn't happening. Read more

One Voter

By Estelle Rogers November 23, 2016

Former Project Vote legislative director Estelle Rogers shares a story of one new citizen's long and confusing journey in navigating Florida's voter registration process that ultimately ended without a vote. Read more

Sessions: He Hasn’t Changed and Neither Should Our Standards

By Estelle Rogers November 22, 2016

Estelle Rogers, retired progressive advocate and former Project Vote colleague, writes on Jeff Sessions’ defeat for a federal judgeship in 1986 and his current nomination for the office of the Attorney General. Sessions, she writes, “hasn’t changed, and neither should our standards.” Read more

Legislative Threats and Opportunities Update

By Erin Ferns Lee November 21, 2016

While advocates and lawmakers have slowly worked over the last 50-plus years to make the democratic process more inclusive, efficient, and modern, the future of voting rights remains uncertain under Trump. Read more