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Project Vote Testifies Against Call for Potentially Illegal Voter Purge
By Project Vote April 24, 2017

A “conservative legal watchdog group” has targeted Maryland’s largest county in its latest effort to force election officials to purge... Read more

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Matt Masterson is 50 Percent Correct
By Michael Slater April 14, 2017

The EAC chair is right: There is very little voter fraud in America, but he’s far off base in claiming that evidence of voter suppression is “virtually non-existent.” Read more

In the States

The Responsible Way to Increase Voter Access: Same Day Registration
By Brian McWalters April 13, 2017

Same day registration is known to boost voter turnout and keep voter rolls clean. Why aren't more states passing and implementing SDR laws? Read more

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Project Vote and Demos Call to Stop Unlawful Voter Purge in Philadelphia

By Project Vote February 13, 2017

Project Vote and Demos filed and amicus brief to stop an unlawful voter purge in Philadelphia. Read more

Voting Rights Advocates Reach Settlement in “Exact Match” Voting System Lawsuit

By Project Vote February 10, 2017

Georgia agrees to stop rejecting voter applications based on typos and data entry errors. Read more

Debunking Voter Fraud–An Interview with Michael Slater

By Project Vote February 10, 2017

Brad Friedman of the Brad Blog interviews Project Vote president Michael Slater about Trump's voter fraud allegations, and how they signal a massive attack on voting rights. Read more

The Dangers of Making Assumptions About Voter Rolls

By Michael Slater February 6, 2017

Last November, 7,500 reinstated Ohio voters who had been wrongfully purged from voter rolls between 2011 and 2014, reportedly turned out to vote. This is a big deal. Read more

Election Bill Could Stop Thousands of Eligible People From Voting

By Erin Ferns Lee January 31, 2017

Project Vote submitted testimony in opposition to Virginia’s "no match, no vote" bill, SB 1581. Read more

Project Vote Board Member Writes About Social Movement in the Trump Era

By Project Vote January 27, 2017

Project Vote board member, Frances Fox Piven, writes at the Nation about the history of mass resistance and how it may relate to the "political dangers of a Trump administration" today. Read more

Project Vote Welcomes Spring 2017 Interns

By Project Vote January 27, 2017

Project Vote is pleased to welcome two interns for the spring of 2017. Read more

Indiana Bill Could Erroneously Purge Legitimate Voters

By Marissa Liebling January 26, 2017

Project Vote is urging an Indiana Senator Greg Walker to reconsider legislation that puts registered voters at risk. Read more

Debunking Trump’s Voter Fraud Lies is Not Enough; We Must Also Prepare for What Comes Next

By Michael Slater January 24, 2017

The Trump administration's lies about illegal voting signal a massive attack on voting rights. Read more

Bill Alert: Voting Bills To Be Heard in Va. Legislature

By Erin Ferns Lee January 24, 2017

Several bills that would affect the right to vote were considered in Virginia's legislature, including two that Project Vote opposes. Read more