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Voter Registration Bill Would Disenfranchise Voters Over Typos
By Project Vote March 8, 2017

Project Vote is urging Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to veto a harmful voter registration bill that recently passed the legislature. Read more

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A Closer Look at Husted’s Allegations of Non-Citizen Voting
By Michael Slater February 28, 2017

Project Vote's president, Michael Slater, explains why we have to take the Ohio Secretary of State's allegations with a giant grain of salt. Read more

In the States

Maryland Considers Voting Bill That Can Improve Voter Turnout
By Project Vote February 16, 2017

Maryland's same-day registration bill, HB 345 would "help ensure that all eligible Marylanders can make their voices heard in the political process." Read more

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Revitalization of DOJ’s Civil Rights Division a Promising Sign for Voting Rights

By Michael McDunnah September 1, 2009

A New York Times story this week reported that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is planning to return the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division to its historical mission: protecting the civil rights of Americans. According to the article, the new attorney general is committed to "a revival of high-impact civil rights enforcement against policies...where statistics show that minorities fare disproportionately poorly," including housing, employment, lending practices, and voting rights. Read more

El Paso County, Colo. Exemplifies Voter Reg. Turnaround for Low Income Citizens

By Erin Ferns Lee August 27, 2009

More than fifteen years after the passage of the National Voter Registration Act, few states are complying with the law’s requirement that voter registration services are provided to those who apply for public assistance. Though highly successful in the first two years the NVRA was implemented, in 1995-1996, registrations through public assistance agencies have steadily declined, and had fallen by 79 percent nationwide in 2007-2008. Project Vote and other voting rights organizations have been working to bring several states into compliance with this key provision of the NVRA, and—as a last resort—have been forced to bring lawsuits in several states to ensure that low-income public assistance clients have access to voter registration services as required by law. Read more

Ga. Secretary of State Asks DOJ to OK Discriminatory Voter Verification Procedure

By Erin Ferns Lee August 20, 2009

A Georgia voter list maintenance procedure that the Department of Justice shut down as “discriminatory” in May is being brought... Read more

Restoration of Voting Rights Gains Support across the Nation

By Erin Ferns Lee August 11, 2009

The message that democracy works best when all citizens participate – including those reintegrating into society after serving time for felony convictions - is finally being heard by the public, the media, and the U.S. Congress. Whether the message will affect the change needed to enfranchise the millions of Americans who currently cannot represent their communities in the democratic process, it is encouraging to find more citizens recognize the value in voting rights restoration and its impact on rehabilitation. Read more

Legislative Efforts to Engage High School Students Move Quietly Forward

By Erin Ferns Lee March 12, 2009

With an estimated 23 million 18-29 year old citizens turning out to vote in the 2008 presidential election, it is easy to assume that young people today have overcome the stereotypical image of "apathetic youth." Yet, while the last few election cycles show an ever-growing interest in political engagement, young people are still underrepresented in the U.S. electorate--a problem that seems to have more to do with lack of access than lack of interest. Read more