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Project Vote Testifies Against Call for Potentially Illegal Voter Purge
By Project Vote April 24, 2017

A “conservative legal watchdog group” has targeted Maryland’s largest county in its latest effort to force election officials to purge... Read more

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Matt Masterson is 50 Percent Correct
By Michael Slater April 14, 2017

The EAC chair is right: There is very little voter fraud in America, but he’s far off base in claiming that evidence of voter suppression is “virtually non-existent.” Read more

In the States

The Responsible Way to Increase Voter Access: Same Day Registration
By Brian McWalters April 13, 2017

Same day registration is known to boost voter turnout and keep voter rolls clean. Why aren't more states passing and implementing SDR laws? Read more

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Recent Election Puts Spotlight on “Antiquated Election Laws” in Virginia

By PV Admin November 25, 2009

Senseless voting barriers in Virginia elections – including misinformed poll workers and “antiquated election laws” – have hurt Virginians as... Read more

Report Shows 2008 Electorate is Most Diverse in Modern History

By Michael McDunnah November 19, 2009

The 2008 election was the most diverse in modern history, with increases in participation among young people, minorities, unmarried individuals,... Read more

Bipartisan Support for Bringing Voter Registration to the 21st Century Underway

By Erin Ferns Lee November 12, 2009

Not too long ago, the means of accessing and staying on the voter registration rolls was a highly controversial issue that often got lost in a partisan shuffle. However, after more than two million voters were unable to vote due to problems with their voter registration last year, policymakers and advocates on both sides are finally listening. Whether it is extravagant efforts to automate voter registration on the national level or revamping state voting systems to utilize citizens’ access to the Internet, improving voter registration is a glimmering goal in 2009 that brings promise for restoring the democratic process in the years to come. Read more

What “Liberal” Media? Study Shows How Press is Often Manipulated to Serve Right-Wing Agenda

By PV Admin October 21, 2009

Media manipulation by the right-wing to influence public perception has been a decade-long tactic to undermine voter registration in America.... Read more

Gov. Schwarzenegger Approves Engaging Young CA Voters Early

By Erin Ferns Lee October 16, 2009

The future of voter registration and civic engagement may just stand a chance. California (a populous state of many voters-to-be) will soon allow all 17-year-old citizens to preregister to vote so that they will be automatically enrolled as legal voters once they turn 18. This newer trend in legislation, which boasts bipartisan support, has recently passed in North Carolina and has been successfully implemented in five other states, including Florida. Read more

How to Make Voter Registration Accessible to All Citizens

By Erin Ferns Lee October 8, 2009

After the 2008 election, voter registration has become a focal point for legislators and advocates from all ends of the spectrum. Whichever way it is sliced, the number of registered eligible voters has still declined since 2004. As multiple problems have been cited as the cause for lowered registration rates (including mobility issues, unequal access to registration opportunities, voter caging, and even so-called apathy), voting rights advocates as well as legislators have been vocal about their solutions. Read more

Arizona City Tries New “Voting Center” Model for City Elections

By Bo Banwo October 5, 2009

Here's an interesting way one Arizona city is dealing with early voting and provisional ballot problems, at least in their city elections. The city council of Phoenix has approved an election plan that would essentially eliminate the need to designate polling places during local elections. The plan is currently being reviewed by the Department of Justice and is expected to go into effect with the next mayoral election in 2011. Read more

All Voters are Unequal: Voter ID Law Exposed as Unfair, States Still Follow Suit

By Erin Ferns Lee October 1, 2009

When an appellate court shut down Indiana’s unequal mandate for polling-place voter ID, it sent a clear signal that—partisan politics aside—election laws should be assessed on whether or not all voters are given equal access to the democratic process. Yet, despite violations of law and the fact that absentee voting is more susceptible to voter fraud activity than in-person voting, other states continue to emulate what was one of the country’s toughest voter ID laws. Read more

Indiana Voter ID Law Found Unconstitutional and Disenfranchising

By Erin Ferns Lee September 22, 2009

One of the country’s most contentious voting rights issues came back into the spotlight last Thursday when an Indiana court struck down the state’s strict photo voter ID law as unconstitutional. The law, which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2008, was found be in violation of the Indiana Constitution because it treated voters unequally. Read more

CA Measure to Improve Youth Voter Engagement Goes to Governor

By Erin Ferns Lee September 15, 2009

The California Legislature approved a bill last week to extend voter registration privileges to 17-year-olds. If signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bill would help put California youth on the road to a lifetime of democratic participation. Read more