Revamped Guide to Election Law Launched for State and Local Elections

By Erin Ferns Lee October 30, 2015

electionary_logoJust in time for state and local elections next week, Electionary— a multi-state guide to election law that is being developed by Project Vote— is up and running.

Originally created by the New Organizing Institute, Electionary is the first free, comprehensive online guide to voting rights laws, and it contains the information that advocates and organizers need to run effective voter registration programs, get-out-the-vote drives, and voter protection efforts. Project Vote picked up the election law tool in 2015 and is currently in the process of updating it for the 2016 elections.

While the site is still in the process of being updated, the states with current information include Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and New Jersey, where state or local elections will be held next week. This voting law tool will be used in election protection efforts leading up to and on November 3.

For more information on how Electionary can assist your organization, please contact Stephen Mortellaro at