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New Policy Paper: Restricting Voter Registration Drives

titleContinuing our 2010 Issues in Election Administration series, Project Vote is pleased to release our latest policy paper, Restricting Voter Registration Drives.

Community-based voter registration drives serve a vital function in American democracy. In recent years, however—and particularly after the tremendous success of registration efforts leading up to the 2008 election—there has been a legislative backlash in a number of states that have instituted laws and requirements designed to significantly restrict voter registration drives.

Project Vote’s new policy paper, Restricting Voter Registration Drives, examines these restrictions, discussing the legal issues and ramifications using examples from several states. The paper offers reasonable recommendations for how state and local election officials can work together with civic organizations, to ensure reasonable regulation, without unfairly impeding the vital role community-based voter registration drives play in America.

Click here to download Restricting Voter Registration Drives.


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