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Project Vote
What Kind of Year Has It Been for Election Laws? E-mail
New report shows support for reform is growing, but not fast enough to help most voters this November.

October 6, 2014
WASHINGTON, DC — With Americans heading to the polls in just four weeks, a new report from voting rights group Project Vote shows that many beneficial election reforms were proposed in 2014, but few voters will find it easier to cast a ballot on November 4. 
On National Voter Registration Day, a Look at How States Restrict Voter Registration E-mail

 New Project Vote Report Examines Efforts to Shut Down VR Drives 

September 23, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – As America celebrates National Voter Registration Day, voting rights group Project Vote has released a new report examining the restrictions many states have imposed on efforts to help eligible citizens become registered voters.

“Since the civil rights era, voter registration drives have played a key role in bringing unregistered Americans and underrepresented populations into the electorate,” says Michael Slater, executive director for Project Vote. “However, that legacy is now under attack from partisan policy makers who want to make conducting a registration drive prohibitively expensive and risky.”

New Toolkit to Help Public Agencies Implement Voter Registration E-mail

September 12, 2014

altProject Vote is committed to ensuring that public assistance agencies are providing their clients with voter registration services, as required by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). Today, we are pleased to release a new tool to help them do just that.

Section 7 of the NVRA: A Toolkit for Public Agencies is a clear, concise guide to the legal requirements and proven best practices of providing mandatory voter registration services under the NVRA. It lays out the NVRA’s requirements in four easy-to-understand steps, and provides general guidance and advice on how public agencies can easily, effectively, and efficiently implement these procedures.

The toolkit also provides guidance for chief election officials on how they can train, facilitate, and monitor agencies to ensure compliance with the NVRA, helping to build a truly representative electorate and avoiding costly legal battles that can result from non-compliance.

You can download this new toolkit here.


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