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voteProject Vote’s key mission is to increase voter participation among historically disenfranchised communities. Low-income citizens, people of color, and Americans under the age of 30 all remain dramatically underrepresented in the American electorate, as our extensive research on the composition of the electorate documents.

That’s why, in addition to working for fair and equitable registration and voting policies, Project Vote works directly with partners in the field to increase participation in these communities.

Project Vote has over 20 years experience in developing and running large-scale voter registration drives and Get Out the Vote programs, working with partners—from religious institutions to youth groups, from national coalitions to local community-based organizations, to nonprofit service providers—to increase participation in underrepresented communities. We also provide an extensive library of resources—including comprehensive state-by-state voter registration guides—to assist voter engagement efforts across the country.

Working with partners in the community, Project Vote’s goal is to achieve an American electorate that truly represents the American people.

What Our Partners Say

“Project Vote has been a solid partner and supporter of the Ohio Voter Fund partnering with us on a variety of research, voter registration and GOTV programs over the past several years. Their voter registration, data management trainings, program accountability standards and best practices has given scores of our local organizers an opportunity to conduct state of the art voter engagement programs. Its hard work and often very challenging but in the end our organization and the people who have been touched by their work have been grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the effort. We look forward to our continued partnership.”
—Greg Moore, Executive Director, Ohio Voter Fund

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