Voter Registration Programs

Managing Field Programs

Voter registration programs make significant demands on the organizations developing and executing them.


Project Vote provides assistance to nonpartisan organizations in developing, managing, and evaluating all aspects of voter registration drives, including:

♦ Development of Cost Projections
♦ Customized Quality Control Systems
♦ Training for Management Staff
♦ Recruitment and Hiring
♦ Curricula for Staff Training
♦ Complying with State Laws and Regulations
♦ Developing Performance benchmarks;
♦ Online Data Collection and Monitoring
♦ On-Going Support and Troubleshooting
♦ On-Site Observation and Systems Review
♦ Off-Site Performance and Data Monitoring
♦ Customized Records Keeping Systems
♦ Recruiting Local Counsel, if Needed

For more information on these services, see our full Menu of Services, or contact Amy Busefink, Deputy Director of Project Vote.

Organizations need systems that ensure and document compliance with existing state laws and rules.

They need to have a good understanding of risk and set plans to respond to potential problems.

They need to recruit, train, and supervise organizers and managers, and often a significant number of volunteers or paid canvassers.

They need to set budgets, goals, and schedules, and manage their work to these plans.

Because of these and other factors, many strong organizations with successful records find themselves challenged to run a voter registration program that operates on a scale that has impact while also managing quality and risk effectively.

Project Vote can solve this problem by providing a range of sophisticated management, legal, and technical assistance to organizations undertaking nonpartisan voter registration drives.

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