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Jump-Starting “Motor Voter”

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) became known as the “motor voter” law because Section 5 of the law designated motor vehicle offices as voter registration sites. For 20 years Americans have enjoyed the convenience of registering to vote, or updating their registrations, while conducting other business at the DMV.

MVA-ImageThe NVRA requires that DMVs take specific steps that will make registration extremely convenient for their customers, so that as many eligible Americans as possible will participate in elections. Yet many states DMVs don’t follow these rules. Often through omission rather than articulated policy, they relegate voter registration to a bottom-rung priority, for example, by failing to integrate it into new processes that become available due to technology. One result is that customers conducting online DMV transactions often miss out on the voter registration opportunities that the NVRA mandates they be given.
In short, “motor “voter” is stalling out in many states, and threatening to leave millions of Americans behind.

Project Vote is working with allies to enforce the “motor voter” law across the country, and ensure that states adapt this core voter registration portal to new technologies that have the potential to vastly expand the electorate.

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Voting Rights Advocates Announce Agreement with State of Nevada to Modernize Voter Registration Opportunities

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Voting rights advocates and Nevada officials announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to streamline and modernize voter registration opportunities through the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Read more

Nearly 1,500 Votes Being Counted Because of Action NC v. Strach

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As a result of a lawsuit brought by Project Vote and partners, over 1,500 North Carolinians—who would otherwise have been disenfranchised—will have their votes counted. Read more

Federal Court Says North Carolina Likely Violated “Motor Voter” Law

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With the 2016 election less than two weeks away, a federal judge has ordered North Carolina election officials to take actions to protect eligible citizens. Read more

California DMV Takes Important First Steps Toward Improving Voter Registration Services

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Although problems persist, voter registration for 2016 elections will be easier for some. Read more

Voting Rights Advocates Ask Court to Immediately Protect the Rights of N.C. Citizens to Vote in the 2016 Election

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Yesterday, Project Vote and partners asked a federal judge to issue an interim order to prevent widespread disenfranchisement of North Carolina voters. Read more

Groups Threaten to Sue Nevada Over Longstanding Voting Rights Violations

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Project Vote and allies threaten a lawsuit if Nevada does not bring motor vehicle offices into compliance with the voter registration requirements of the NVRA. Read more

Coalition of Civic Organizations Sue North Carolina for Failing to Comply with Federal Voting Rights Obligations

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Project Vote and partners sue North Carolina over widespread disenfranchisement and a steep decline in voter registration activity . Read more

North Carolina in Violation of “Motor Voter” Law

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Today’s letter—sent on behalf of the individuals and voting rights groups by attorneys from Dēmos, Project Vote, and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice—cites clear evidence that the DMV is violating its legal requirement to provide voter registration services... Read more

Voting Rights Groups Move to Enforce ‘Motor Voter’ in California

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Attorneys from Project Vote and partners move to jump-start voter registration at California DMVs. Read more

National Voter Registration Act Turns 20, Faces Challenges Today

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“To the extent that Americans now think voter registration is easy, it’s largely because of the NVRA,” says Michael Slater, executive director of Project Vote. Read more