Public Assistance Agencies

Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act

The plaintiffs and attorneys in Project Vote and the NAACP’s public assistance agency lawsuit in Louisiana.

Though most people know the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) as the “motor voter” law, fewer people know that it also mandates that voter registration be offered at other government agencies besides DMVs. State agencies offering SNAP (food stamps), TANF, Medicaid, and other government benefits are also legally required to assist their clients in registering to vote under the NVRA.

Congress included this provision, Section 7, exactly to reach the citizens who are less likely to register through other means: low-income people, minorities, the elderly, and the disabled.

However, too many states have been ignoring this part of the NVRA, meaning that millions of our most vulnerable citizens are missing out on the change to make their voices heard. That’s why Project Vote and our partners are working to fix that. We investigate compliance. We document violations of the NVRA. And, where we find problems, we work—through advocacy, assistance, and litigation—to ensure that states are following the law and doing right by their citizens.

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New forms make it easier to register to vote in Montana

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The Montana Vehicle Division has revamped many of its forms to help make it easier to register to vote, amid pressure from voter rights groups who said the state was not doing enough to comply with the national Motor Voter law. Read more

Nevada Officials Settle Voting-Rights Squabble

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Nevada agreed to improve its efforts to abide by the National Voter Registration Act NVRA to settle a federal lawsuit filed by Project Vote and our partners. Read more

Nevada settles US lawsuit on behalf of low-income voters

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The state of Nevada has agreed to new training and reporting requirements to settle a federal lawsuit accusing its public assistance offices of failing to do enough to help low-income clients register to vote. Read more

Nevada settles lawsuit over registering low-income voters

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Voting rights advocates and the state of Nevada settled a lawsuit today over the state’s implementation of a federal law aimed at registering low-income voters. Read more

Nevada officials settle lawsuit with voting rights advocates

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Nevada officials have settled a lawsuit with voting rights advocates over making voter registration materials available to low-income and disabled clients. Read more

Civil Rights Groups Sue North Carolina Over Voter Registration

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A coalition of civil rights groups sued North Carolina on Tuesday, alleging that the state is violating a federal law regarding voter registration. Read more

Philly Barbers Aim to Boost Voter Turnout

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Through the Sharp Insight program, up to 50 barbers across Philadelphia will receive paid training to distribute basic information around elections and voting. Read more

Suit threatened over NC voting access; DHHS, Elections Board say they’ll investigate

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Four national and state voting-rights organizations are threatening to sue North Carolina for what they contend are Gov. Pat McCrory administration’s violations of a federal law that requires the state to help poor people register to vote. Read more

Advocates say NC is failing to register public benefit recipients as voters

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"The right to vote is fundamental. North Carolina should be doing everything in its power to provide low-income individuals the opportunity to register," said Catherine M. Flanagan, senior counsel for Project Vote. Read more

Welfare Agencies Are Failing to Help Poor People Vote

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Since the nadir in applications in 2006, voting rights groups have pushed states to improve voter registration efforts at welfare offices. That may partly explain why applications have steadily ticked up... Read more