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Voter registration is only the first step: we also have to make sure that registrants get on the rolls, and stay on the rolls.

That’s why Project Vote works to protect eligible voters from wrongful purges, voter caging, “no match, no vote” programs, and other dangerous efforts to “clean-up” the lists.

Additionally, we fight to make sure that voter registration and list maintenance policies are publicly transparent, in order to ensure that states are not using arbitrary, error-prone, or politically-motivated criteria for rejecting applicants or purging voters.

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Project Vote: RNC Wants to Renew its License to Suppress Voters

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On the eve of the November election, while the focus of the nation and the media were on the next day’s voting, the Republican National Committee (RNC) was quietly moving to ensure that, in future elections, they could benefit from voter caging, voter intimidation, and other dirty practices. Read more

Project Vote Takes Legal Action to Protect 86,000 St. Louis Voters

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On Wednesday Project Vote joined two private attorneys in filing suit against the St. Louis County board of elections, demanding that they take steps to prevent some 86,000 St. Louis residents from being wrongly and illegally prevented from casting a ballot on Election Day. Read more

Voting Rights Groups Demand Suspension of Ohio Prosecutor’s Investigation” of Lawful Voters”””

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A coalition of voting and civil rights groups sent a letter to Hamilton County special prosecutor Michael O’Neill today, urging him to suspend his “troubling” investigation into hundreds of county voters who lawfully registered and cast absentee ballots during Ohio’s five-day window of same day registration and voting. Read more

Project Vote Calls on Political Parties, Election Officials to Protect Voters Facing Foreclosure

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Today the voting rights group Project Vote sent letters to both major political parties in 10 states—AZ, CO, FL, GA, MO, NC, NM, NV, PA, and VA—urging them to "oppose and refrain from" using lists of home foreclosures as the basis for "voter caging" operations. Read more

In Response to Pressure, GOP Backs Off Its Plans to Challenge Montana Voters

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Yesterday the Republican Party of Montana announced that it was abandoning its plans to challenge the voting eligibility of at least 6,000 residents of that state-mostly in democratic strongholds-who had filed change-of-address cards with the U.S. Postal Service. Read more

Project Vote Denounces Republican Attack on Montana Voters

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As reported yesterday in the online news outlet The Missoulian, the Republican Party of Montana is challenging the eligibility to vote of at least 6,000 residents of that state—mostly in key Democratic strongholds—based solely on the fact that the residents have filed change-of-address cards with the U.S. Postal Service. Read more

In Ohio, Voter Registration Conflict Is Brewing

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Early voting starts Tuesday in Ohio, but that doesn't mean that the process will go smoothly. On Monday, state courts rejected a Republican Party challenge to the right of voters to register and vote the same day. Five lawsuits have been filed against Ohio's secretary of state in September alone. Read more

Project Vote v. Madison County Election Board (Ohio)

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In this lawsuit, Project Vote sought a temporary restraining order against the Madison County Board of Elections, which had announced... Read more

Battle brewing in Ohio over voting-record discrepancies

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Activists worry that people who moved and failed to update their records -- may of them young and minorities -- could be disenfranchised Nov. 4. The issue could loom large in battleground states. Read more

Voter Database Glitches Could Disenfranchise Thousands

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Electronic voting machines have been the focus of much controversy the last few years. But another election technology has received little scrutiny yet could create numerous problems and disenfranchise thousands of voters in November, election experts say. Read more