Voter Roll Transparency

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The history of election administration in the U.S. is plagued with erroneous, partisan, and illegal practices that have denied the right to vote to American citizens. Valid voter registration applications have been wrongfully denied. Thousands of eligible voters have been mistakenly—or deliberately—removed from the rolls. Phony claims of voter registration fraud have been used to attack, persecute, and restrict voter registration efforts.

Fair access to records is vital for ensuring that states are not using arbitrary or politically-motivated criteria for rejecting applicants or purging voters in secret. This is why the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires public disclosure of voter registration activities: to encourage accountability, to help identify and stop inaccurate voter list maintenance programs, and to educate voters on how to complete applications and remain on the rolls.

And that’s why Project Vote is leading efforts to make sure states are complying with their transparency obligations under the NVRA, guaranteeing that voter registration records and list maintenance procedures are clear, in compliance with law, and available for inspection.

Policy Paper: Voter Registration Transparency

This policy brief addresses the importance of transparency in the voter registration and list maintenance process, discusses current law and efforts to ensure public access to voter registration information, and reviews some best practices for making information available to the public. Read more

Court: Voter registration applications must be made public

Voter registration applications are public documents, a federal appeals court ruled Friday. Read more

Litigation: Project Vote v. Long

After receiving reports from their local community partners regarding large numbers of rejected voter registration applications—particularly from students at the... Read more

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Judge orders release of Georgia’s rejected voter records

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"We are pleased that the court has recognized the merits of this case, and has ordered the prompt release of records," said Michelle Kanter Cohen, election counsel for Project Vote. "Decisions about who is and is not able to register to vote must be made in the open for our democracy to be fair and accessible." Read more

Judge Orders Ga. Secretary of State to Release Rejected Voter Records

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James Cobb, an attorney at Atlanta's Caplan Cobb who is co-counsel on the case, called Duffey's order "an important acknowledgment of the right of groups like Project Vote—and of all of Georgia's citizens—to monitor the state's voter-registration practices." Read more

Judge orders Georgia to release database records on voter registration

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A federal judge has ordered Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp to release more detailed public records about why the state decides to reject applicants trying to register to vote... Read more

In a Victory for Voters, Court Orders Georgia’s Secretary of State to Release Voter Registration Records

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The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia ruled that a federal lawsuit to ensure the transparency of Georgia's voter registration records will proceed, and that the state must release certain records under the NVRA. Read more

Project Vote v. Kemp: Order on PI and Motion to Dismiss

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Court order on plaintiff's motion for a preliminary injunction and defendants' motion to dismiss. Read more

Will voting be an issue in Georgia’s presidential election?

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Suit Claims Georgia Secretary of State Violated Federal Voting Law by Withholding Records

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Project Vote has sued Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp in an effort to force the release of voter registration records the group says it needs to determine if voters were improperly rejected or purged from voter rolls. Read more

Georgia sued over voter registration records, again

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Georgia is being sued for the second time this year over its handling of voter records, this time by a group seeking more information from Secretary of State Brian Kemp about how the state decides to reject applicants trying to register to vote. Read more

Project Vote v. Kemp: Complaint

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Complaint filed July 6, 2016 in Project Vote v. Kemp. Read more