Our Mission

Our goal is simple: to build an electorate that accurately represents the diversity of America’s citizenry. Through advocacy, litigation, and technical assistance, Project Vote is fighting to make sure that every eligible citizen is able to register, vote, and cast a ballot that counts.

Voter Registration Policy

We know that most Americans will vote, once they get registered. That’s why Project Vote’s work is focused on promoting sensible laws, rules, and procedures that make it easier, not harder, for eligible citizens to become registered voters. Read more

Voting Policy

The way Americans vote is changing, and Project Vote works to make sure we're making the polls more, not less, accessible. Read more

List Maintenance

Voter registration is only the first step: we also have to make sure that registrants get on the rolls, and stay on the rolls. That’s why Project Vote works to protect eligible voters from wrongful purges, voter caging, and other dangerous efforts to “clean-up” the lists. Read more

Government Agency Registration

Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) to ensure that state governments played a leading role in providing our most vulnerable citizens a chance to participate in American democracy. Project Vote and our partners are working to make sure they do, and to realize the full potential of this landmark law. Read more

Civic Engagement

Since the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, voter engagement efforts have played a vital role in our democratic process. Project Vote brings our 20 years of field experience to help community-organizations run efficient, effective voter registration drives and Get Out the Vote programs. Read more

Bill Tracking

Project Vote's bill tracking service provides up-to-the-minute information on election legislation—good and bad—that has been proposed in state legislatures and the U.S. Congress. Read more

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Florida NAACP v. Browning: District Court Preliminary Injunction

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District court granting of preliminary injunction Read more

Voting Rights Groups Caution Four Midwestern States Over Program to Cancel Duplicate Registrations

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A four-state effort to identify and remove duplicate names from state voter registration lists may run afoul of a federal voting law by illegally purging voters, advocates warned in letters to four Midwestern secretaries of state. Read more

Florida’s Latest Voter Suppression Scheme Thwarted

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Today, Advancement Project, the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, and Project Vote won a preliminary injunction that blocks a Florida state law prohibiting applicants from registering to vote if the state cannot match or otherwise validate the driver’s license or Social Security number on a registration form. Read more

Justice Department Continues Pattern of Disenfranchisement

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The Justice Department has again gone on record supporting strict documentary identification requirements for voters, despite the fact that such laws disenfranchise voters. Read more

New Project Vote Report Shows that Minorities in Kentucky are Closing the Voting Gap

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How elections are won and lost begin with which eligible Americans are engaged in the process. A new report released today by Project Vote highlights the importance of voter registration programs in lower income, youth, and minority communities. Read more

Who Votes in the Bluegrass State? The Composition of Kentucky’s Electorate,2002-2006

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This report uses Census Bureau Current Population Survey data to present information on Kentucky’s population, voter registration and voting over time and compared to the United States. We pay special attention to the racial, ethnic, age and income demographics within Kentucky. Read more

Fewer Than Half of Eligible Minority and Low-Income Americans Voted in 2006, New Report Shows

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Project Vote releases a report today, “Representational Bias in the 2006 Electorate,” that finds a continuing problem with the U.S. electorate: those who are registered and vote are not representative of the overall U.S. population eligible to vote. Read more

Representational Bias in the 2006 Election

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In this report analysing the composition of the 2006 electorate, Douglas R. Hess finds a continuing problem with the U.S. electorate: those who are registered and vote are not representative of the U.S. population eligible to vote. Read more

New Report: Partisans Targeted More Than 500,000 Mostly Minority Voters in 2004 Caging Schemes

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In 2004, political operatives associated with the Republican party targeted more than half a million voters in “voter caging” campaigns in nine states, according to a report released today by Project Vote. Read more

Caging Democracy: A 50-Year History of Partisan Challenges to Minority Voters

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This report reviews Republican voter caging operations during the last 50 years, culminating with the unprecedented number of large voter caging operations conducted across the nation in the 2004 presidential election. Read more