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The Internet has the potential to be an important tool to engage new voters, particular young people, and to make it easier for all voters to remain engaged in the process.

IMG_0592BOnline voter registration is a promising and forward-looking method for states to expand the options available to eligible citizens to register to vote.

As states increasingly add online voter registration to the mix, legislators should construct a system that maximizes the number of eligible citizens who can take advantage of the opportunity to register online and keep their information updated.

As online registration becomes more widely available, it will continue to increase the accuracy of the voter rolls, reduce costs, and bring more Americans into the electoral process.

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Opinion: Pa. Voters enjoy benefits of online registration

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There is still work to do, but Pennsylvania is a praiseworthy example of how states are championing the cause of bringing our elections into the 21st century. Read more

September is National Voter Registration Month

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Today kicks off National Voter Registration Month, a time “to encourage voter participation and increase awareness of state requirements and deadlines for voting”... Read more

Voting Rights Advocates Praise Wolf Administration’s Move to Offer Online Voter Registration

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Leading voting rights advocates thanked Secretary of State Pedro Cortes and the Wolf Administration for offering eligible Pennsylvanians the opportunity to go online to update or complete their voter registration forms. Read more

New Jersey is Getting Serious About Voting Reform

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The New Jersey state legislature introduces “The Democracy Act.” Read more

Mass. and Va. Adopt Beneficial Voting Policies This Week

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Massachusetts and Virginia adopted policies that would make voter registration and voting accessible to more citizens this week. Read more

Florida Adopts Online Registration, Effective 2017

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Florida now joins more than two-dozen other states in offering the opportunity to register to vote online. Read more

Legislative Threats and Opportunities: Spring 2015

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To date in 2015, lawmakers in 24 states have proposed at least 52 bills that threaten voting rights, while lawmakers in 36 states have proposed to improve election administration in some way... Read more

Voting Rights Proposals Could Affect 2016 Elections

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Since January, lawmakers on the state and federal levels have introduced over 180 bills that would change state and federal voting laws. Read more

Voter Empowerment Act would Improve Elections for Both Voters and Officials

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Today, the Voter Empowerment Act (VEA) was introduced in the House of Representatives. Estelle Rogers, legislative director for Project Vote, issued the following statement in support of this important legislation. Read more

Model Bill: Online Voter Registration

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This document provides a template for lawmakers and other interested parties to draft bills in support of online voter registration. Read more