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The Internet has the potential to be an important tool to engage new voters, particular young people, and to make it easier for all voters to remain engaged in the process.

IMG_0592BOnline voter registration is a promising and forward-looking method for states to expand the options available to eligible citizens to register to vote.

As states increasingly add online voter registration to the mix, legislators should construct a system that maximizes the number of eligible citizens who can take advantage of the opportunity to register online and keep their information updated.

As online registration becomes more widely available, it will continue to increase the accuracy of the voter rolls, reduce costs, and bring more Americans into the electoral process.

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Wisconsin throws up major voter registration hurdle

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill into law that could make it much harder for the poor and minorities to register to vote in the pivotal swing state just as the 2016 election approaches. Read more

Wisconsin Republicans’ Latest Policy Initiative: Making It Harder for Poor People to Vote

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"Wisconsin will soon have a fully modernized voter registration system...Perhaps not accidentally, the bill will also make it more difficult for poor people to register." Read more

Opinion: Reforming election process can improve voter turnout

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Project Vote and partners illustrate why Pennsylvania, where fewer than a quarter of registered voters turned out to vote in November, needs to update its voting system. Read more

Opinion: Pa. Voters enjoy benefits of online registration

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There is still work to do, but Pennsylvania is a praiseworthy example of how states are championing the cause of bringing our elections into the 21st century. Read more

Online registration may ease state voter disenfranchisement

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A March 27 report by Project Vote found that last year more photo ID laws, voter purges and voter registration restrictions were either introduced or passed in state legislatures across the country than ever before.    Read more

Voter registration drives using data mining to target their efforts, avoid restrictive laws

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Some organizations are turning to sophisticated data mining, direct mail, the Internet and other strategies to register voters typically underrepresented on the rolls, including young people and ethnic minorities. Read more

For State Elections Officials, a Slow Move Online

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Project Vote has drafted proposals under which voters could register online and then supply their signature when voting, as is practiced for registering by mail. Read more