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IMG_0600Paperless voter registration systems provide exciting new opportunities for improving access to voter registration among groups traditionally underrepresented in the electorate.

Specifically, paperless voter registration processes can be developed economically and can seamlessly integrate and transfer existing electronic data collected at voter registration agencies and the DMV to election officials. Such systems will allow states to:

•  Reach underrepresented groups in the electorate;

•  Reduce costs associated with paper applications; and

•  Efficiently and consistently maintain voter rolls.

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Voter registration is becoming easier and more accessible for voting eligible citizens in several states through the growing trend of online voter registration. This new election reform has the potential to be a cost-effective method of enfranchising more Americans, especially as applied to the electronic transmission of applications through voter registration agencies under the National Voter Registration Act. Read more

Bipartisan Support for Bringing Voter Registration to the 21st Century Underway

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Not too long ago, the means of accessing and staying on the voter registration rolls was a highly controversial issue that often got lost in a partisan shuffle. However, after more than two million voters were unable to vote due to problems with their voter registration last year, policymakers and advocates on both sides are finally listening. Whether it is extravagant efforts to automate voter registration on the national level or revamping state voting systems to utilize citizens’ access to the Internet, improving voter registration is a glimmering goal in 2009 that brings promise for restoring the democratic process in the years to come. Read more