Same Day Registration

One-Stop Democracy

Same Day Registration (SDR) allows eligible voters to register to vote and cast their ballots on the same day.

4d9bde347c27c.preview-1024Depending on the state, this one-stop process for registering and voting may be offered on Election Day, during the early voting period, or both. Eligible voters can also use Same Day Registration to correct an outdated voter registration record and cast a ballot that will be counted.

Project Vote is working to advance this common-sense reform, which has the potential to increase participation particularly among underrepresented young people, low-income Americans, and persons of color.

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Legislative Threats and Opportunities: Fall 2015

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In latest edition of our Threats and Opportunities series, Erin Ferns Lee examines the status of important election bills—harmful and helpful—that were introduced in 2015. Read more

New Project Vote Report Examines Voting Rights Proposals

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Since January, Project Vote has closely monitored 315 bills that could affect the way people vote in 2016 and beyond.... Read more

North Carolina Citizens Take Action for Democracy

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North Carolinians Trigger Legislative Change to Voter Suppression Law

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North Carolina citizens express their concerns about the state's voter suppression law, and the legislature responds. Read more

Fact Sheet: Same Day Registration

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This fact sheet provides an overview of Same Day Registration (SDR), which allows eligible voters to register to vote and cast their ballots on the same day. Read more

Model Bill: Same Day Registration

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This document provides a template for lawmakers and other interested parties to draft bills in support of same day voter registration. Read more

Legislative Threats and Opportunities: Spring 2015

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To date in 2015, lawmakers in 24 states have proposed at least 52 bills that threaten voting rights, while lawmakers in 36 states have proposed to improve election administration in some way... Read more

Voting Rights Proposals Could Affect 2016 Elections

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Since January, lawmakers on the state and federal levels have introduced over 180 bills that would change state and federal voting laws. Read more

New Study Assesses the Impact of Voter Registration Deadlines

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Voter registration deadlines vary widely between different states. Twelve states currently provide Same Day Registration (SDR) which permits voters to... Read more

Voter Empowerment Act would Improve Elections for Both Voters and Officials

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Today, the Voter Empowerment Act (VEA) was introduced in the House of Representatives. Estelle Rogers, legislative director for Project Vote,... Read more