Same Day Registration

One-Stop Democracy

Same Day Registration (SDR) allows eligible voters to register to vote and cast their ballots on the same day.

4d9bde347c27c.preview-1024Depending on the state, this one-stop process for registering and voting may be offered on Election Day, during the early voting period, or both. Eligible voters can also use Same Day Registration to correct an outdated voter registration record and cast a ballot that will be counted.

Project Vote is working to advance this common-sense reform, which has the potential to increase participation particularly among underrepresented young people, low-income Americans, and persons of color.

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Voting Rights Groups Demand Suspension of Ohio Prosecutor’s Investigation” of Lawful Voters”””

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A coalition of voting and civil rights groups sent a letter to Hamilton County special prosecutor Michael O’Neill today, urging him to suspend his “troubling” investigation into hundreds of county voters who lawfully registered and cast absentee ballots during Ohio’s five-day window of same day registration and voting. Read more

Groups Win Legal Battle to Protect Ohio Five-Day Window: Voters Can Register and Vote on Same Day

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Project Vote, working with a legal team led by ACLU Ohio and Ohio State University Professor Dan Tokaji and other voting rights organizations, successfully protected Ohio's five-day Same-Day Registration (SDR) yesterday. Read more

Voting Rights Groups Seek to Protect Same-Day Registration in Ohio

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Lawyers for Project Vote and other voting rights organizations are coordinating efforts in a legal battle to protect Ohio’s five-day Same-Day Registration (SDR) period from lawsuits filed by two Republican voters. Read more

Ohio Republicans Sue Over Voting Rules

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The Ohio Republican Party spearheaded a lawsuit Friday over an initiative from the office of Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner that would allow some early voters to register and vote on the same day. Read more