Voter Registration Policy

IMG_0588aIn 49 out of 50 states, participating in the American democratic process requires an important first step: registering to vote.

Throughout American history, however, voter registration has frequently been used as a bureaucratic hurdle placed between eligible Americans and the ballot box.

That’s why Project Vote works across the country to ensure simple, fair, equitable voter registration policies that make it easier, not harder, for eligible citizens to register to vote.

From fighting laws that place unfair restrictions on community-based voter registration drives, to advocating for innovations like Automatic Voter Registration, Online Registration, Same-Day Registration, and Permanent-Portable Registration, Project Vote wants to make sure that every eligible American can register to vote.

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Project Vote Condemns Trump’s Dangerous Lies about “Illegal Voting”

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Donald Trump used his first official meeting with congressional leaders to falsely claim illegal voters cost him the popular vote. Project Vote’s president, Michael Slater, responds. Read more

Project Vote Strongly Opposes Trump’s Nomination of Jefferson Sessions as Attorney General

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Project Vote calls on Mr. Trump to reconsider his choice of Jefferson Sessions for Attorney General, and we call on the Senate Judiciary Committee to roundly reject the appointment should it move forward. Read more

Project Vote Commends Sec. Cegavske for Extending Voter Nevada’s Voter Registration Deadlines

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Project Vote congratulates Sec. Cegavske on taking a common-sense response to voter registration deadlines, and ensuring that Nevada residents who make a good faith effort to register will be able to vote this November. Read more

With Hurricane Matthew Battering the Southern Coast, Project Vote Calls on State Officials to Extend Voter Registration Deadlines

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On Thursday, October 6, Florida Governor Rick Scott stated that the state has no intention of extending the voter registration... Read more

Georgia Says It Will Allow Tens of Thousands of Previously-Rejected Voters to Cast Ballots This November

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Tens of thousands of eligible Georgia voters whose voter registrations had been canceled or were at risk of being canceled will be able to cast a ballot this November, according to a letter filed with a federal court. Read more

Voting Rights Advocates File New Federal Voting Rights Lawsuit to Protect Voters of Color in the State of Georgia

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Project Vote and partners filed a federal lawsuit today to protect voters of color in Georgia from discriminatory registration verification process. Read more

Congressional Democrats Introduce Transformative Automatic Voter Registration Bill

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Today, senior congressional lawmakers introduced the Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2016, a transformative bill that would add up to 50 million new voters by automatically registering eligible citizens to vote. Read more

Voting Rights Group Sues Ga. Sec. of State Brian Kemp for Voter Registration Records

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Project Vote filed a lawsuit today against Georgia's Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, over his refusal to release public records relating to rejected voter registration applications. Read more

Maryland Moves Toward Modernization

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General Assembly Approves Freedom to Vote Act Annapolis, Md. – We applaud the General Assembly for passing legislation to improve... Read more

Groups Ask Court for Immediate Halt of Voting Restrictions

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Project Vote and partners file a motion to halt enforcement of proof-of-citizenship requirements on federal voter registration form in three states. Read more