Voter Registration Drives

Protecting Voter Registration Drives

Since the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, voter engagement efforts have played a vital role in our democratic process. While there are other ways to reach the tens of millions of underrepresented Americans, no substitute exists for the patriotic act of canvassing our country’s neighborhoods to help community members register to vote.

Canvasser Talks to a VoterHowever, in recent years voter registration efforts have faced growing resistance and attack from partisan forces opposed to expanding the franchise. States have increasingly imposed severe restrictions on drive activities, threatening to make voter registration efforts prohibitively expensive and risky in many states.

Project Vote is dedicated to protecting this vital legacy of the Civil Rights movement, and ensuring that voter registration drives can continue to operate unimpeded by threat of persecution and unfair administrative restrictions.

Editorial: Transparent Voter Suppression in Texas

It was a banner year for voter suppression in Texas. Read more

Policy Paper: Restricting Voter Registration Drives

In this comprehensive policy paper, Project Vote attorneys Michelle Kanter Cohen and Stephen Montellaro examine laws that restrict the important work of community-based voter registration drives. Read more

Litigation: Project Vote v. Blackwell

This lawsuit challenges an Ohio law requiring that compensated voter registration workers register with the state after completing an on-line... Read more

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Bill Alert: Voting Bills To Be Heard in Va. Legislature

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Several bills that would affect the right to vote were considered in Virginia's legislature, including two that Project Vote opposes. Read more

Project Vote Testimony on Virginia Voter Registration Bill SB 871

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Project Vote submitted testimony opposing voter registration drive bill SB 871 to the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee on January 23, 2017. Read more

Legislative Threats and Opportunities Update

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With this new wave of hostility toward the democratic process, we can expect to see fewer viable legislative efforts to modernize election administration, and more egregious efforts to block the vote. Read more

The end of voter registration drives

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Elisa Wiseman, Isthmus Molly McGrath knows a way to get people excited about voting. “Let’s make registering to vote a... Read more

How Voter Fraud Claims Justify Voter Suppression After the Election

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Instead of building safeguards and protecting eligible Americans’ right to vote, these lawmakers and partisans are using the last weeks of 2016 to willfully try to weaken our democracy. Read more

Legislative Threats and Opportunities Update

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While advocates and lawmakers have slowly worked over the last 50-plus years to make the democratic process more inclusive, efficient, and modern, the future of voting rights remains uncertain under Trump. Read more

Voting Rights Fight in Georgia Grows More Intense

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The fight for voting rights in Georgia isn’t new; we have been working there for years. Read more

With Hurricane Matthew Battering the Southern Coast, Project Vote Calls on State Officials to Extend Voter Registration Deadlines

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On Thursday, October 6, Florida Governor Rick Scott stated that the state has no intention of extending the voter registration... Read more

Texas’s Voter-Registration Laws Are Straight Out of the Jim Crow Playbook

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Ari Berman discusses how "Texas treats voter registration like a criminal offense and makes it as difficult as possible to do." Read more

State Voter Registration Guide: Washington

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This guide covers who is eligible to register in the state, the deadlines for submitting registrations, and the state laws governing voter registration drives. Read more