Voter Registration Drives

Protecting Voter Registration Drives

Since the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, voter engagement efforts have played a vital role in our democratic process. While there are other ways to reach the tens of millions of underrepresented Americans, no substitute exists for the patriotic act of canvassing our country’s neighborhoods to help community members register to vote.

Canvasser Talks to a VoterHowever, in recent years voter registration efforts have faced growing resistance and attack from partisan forces opposed to expanding the franchise. States have increasingly imposed severe restrictions on drive activities, threatening to make voter registration efforts prohibitively expensive and risky in many states.

Project Vote is dedicated to protecting this vital legacy of the Civil Rights movement, and ensuring that voter registration drives can continue to operate unimpeded by threat of persecution and unfair administrative restrictions.

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The end of voter registration drives

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Elisa Wiseman, Isthmus Molly McGrath knows a way to get people excited about voting. “Let’s make registering to vote a... Read more

Texas’s Voter-Registration Laws Are Straight Out of the Jim Crow Playbook

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Ari Berman discusses how "Texas treats voter registration like a criminal offense and makes it as difficult as possible to do." Read more

Wisconsin throws up major voter registration hurdle

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill into law that could make it much harder for the poor and minorities to register to vote in the pivotal swing state just as the 2016 election approaches. Read more

Wisconsin Republicans’ Latest Policy Initiative: Making It Harder for Poor People to Vote

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"Wisconsin will soon have a fully modernized voter registration system...Perhaps not accidentally, the bill will also make it more difficult for poor people to register." Read more

On Voter Registration Day, a new report looks at how states restrict voter registration

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Project Vote has released a new national report that examines the restrictions imposed by many states — including Florida — on efforts to help eligible citizens become registered voters. Read more

Battleground Texas: Inside the fight to turn the state blue

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The massive growth of Texas’s Hispanic population is set to fundamentally reshape the state’s politics in the coming decades… Read more

EDITORIAL: Transparent voter suppression

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It was a banner year for voter suppression in Texas. Read more

How to Make Voting Easier

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Much progress has been made as we mark the 20th anniversary of the NVRA, but there’s still a long way to go. Read more

Online registration may ease state voter disenfranchisement

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A March 27 report by Project Vote found that last year more photo ID laws, voter purges and voter registration restrictions were either introduced or passed in state legislatures across the country than ever before.    Read more

Three months, 30 states, 55 new voting restrictions

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It is, as Project Vote's Erin Ferns Lee put it, "an onslaught." Read more