Youth Voting

The Future of American Democracy

Credit Malate269 / Wikimedia Commons
Credit Malate269 / Wikimedia Commons

Despite significant gains in voter turnout over the last decade, young people still lag behind in terms of representation within the American electorate, and are among the populations most vulnerable to voting rights rollbacks.

The fundamental fact of our electoral process is that one cannot vote if one is not registered. The first step in ensuring that young people cease to be underrepresented in the electorate is to institutionalize access to voter registration.

Policy Paper: Youth Voting

This policy paper reviews the voting rates of 18- to 29-year-old citizens, examines laws that hinder or facilitate participation by young, non-college attending voters, and provides recommendations for effective policies that can improve participation rates for all American youth. Read more

Model Bill: Preregistration

This document provides a template for lawmakers and other interested parties to draft bills in support of preregistration legislation. Read more

Voter ID and Same-Day Registration Laws Affect Youth Participation, Says Report

By Erin Ferns Lee October 10, 2013

A new report by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement examines challenges to youth voter... Read more

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Legislative Threats and Opportunities Update

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