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Challenging Voter Suppression

Voter IntimidationThe right to vote has been one of the most challenged individual rights in the history of this country. Unfortunately, illegal and cynical attempts to suppress the vote and manipulate voters persist to this day. Among the strategies used are voter intimidation and voter challenges.

In recent years, Election Day challenges to voter eligibility have resulted in a number of controversies in polling places across the country. The fact that areas with large minority populations have been consistently targeted for aggressive challenges indicates that unlawful voter suppression tactics are a continuing concern in our country.

Project Vote’s legal team responds to reports of voter intimidation, and works to enact policies that both protect voters and reinstate confidence in the integrity of our electoral system.

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Voting Rights Groups Demand Suspension of Ohio Prosecutor’s Investigation” of Lawful Voters”””

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A coalition of voting and civil rights groups sent a letter to Hamilton County special prosecutor Michael O’Neill today, urging him to suspend his “troubling” investigation into hundreds of county voters who lawfully registered and cast absentee ballots during Ohio’s five-day window of same day registration and voting. Read more

In the Presidential Election, Will All the Votes Be Counted?

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Americans are likely to see another presidential election so close that very few votes will make the difference. Meantime, new machines, new rules and a massive number of newly registered voters could lead to trouble in many states, and both parties are warning about dirty tricks. Read more

Home Foreclosure Victims to Lose Their Vote?

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Republican Party leaders in Macomb County, Mich., plan to use foreclosure listings to question whether voters who go to the polls are actually eligible. Read more

Foreclosures Won’t Hinder Voters: Macomb GOP chief denies plans to challenge voters in November

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One political blog accuses him of hatching "the most evil plan in modern Republican history." Other activists say he's trying to steal votes and disenfranchise African-American voters. Read more

Caging Democracy: A 50-Year History of Partisan Challenges to Minority Voters

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This report reviews Republican voter caging operations during the last 50 years, culminating with the unprecedented number of large voter caging operations conducted across the nation in the 2004 presidential election. Read more