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Challenging Voter Suppression

Voter IntimidationThe right to vote has been one of the most challenged individual rights in the history of this country. Unfortunately, illegal and cynical attempts to suppress the vote and manipulate voters persist to this day. Among the strategies used are voter intimidation and voter challenges.

In recent years, Election Day challenges to voter eligibility have resulted in a number of controversies in polling places across the country. The fact that areas with large minority populations have been consistently targeted for aggressive challenges indicates that unlawful voter suppression tactics are a continuing concern in our country.

Project Vote’s legal team responds to reports of voter intimidation, and works to enact policies that both protect voters and reinstate confidence in the integrity of our electoral system.

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The Role of Voter Suppression in the 2016 Election

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While the full impact of voter suppression measures in the United States is unclear, we do have a glimpse into all the many barriers that affected voters and would-be voters in the 2016 elections. Read more

Pennsylvania’s Guidance on Voter Intimidation Serves as a Model For Other States

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Pennsylvania takes steps to ensure Election Day runs smoothly and fairly in light of dangerous rhetoric about rigged elections and vigilante poll monitors. Project Vote encourages other states to follow suit. Read more

Federal Laws Protect Voters from Intimidation at the Polls

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Project Vote election counsel, Niyati Shah reminds everyone—voters, advocates, and even potential “election observers”— that there are federal laws protecting people who go to the polls on November 8. Read more

Project Vote Joins Coalition in Calling on Parties to Denounce Voter Intimidation

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In an open letter sent by the Election Protection Coalition today, Project Vote joins 75 other national and state-based civil rights organizations in calling on the leadership of America's major political parties to stand up against voter intimidation efforts. Read more

Roanoke Rally Issues Call to Action on Voting Rights

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Congress has had an urgent task on its plate for two years now, yet it has failed to act. Read more

Voter Empowerment Act would Improve Elections for Both Voters and Officials

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Today, the Voter Empowerment Act (VEA) was introduced in the House of Representatives. Estelle Rogers, legislative director for Project Vote,... Read more

Latino Voters More Likely to Face Discrimination by Election Officials

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A new article published in the American Political Science Review raises disturbing questions about the discrimination faced by minorities throughout... Read more

Voter Suppression is a Monster in the Dark

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Here’s a Halloween scare for you: what if they held an election, and no one came? Read more

Project Vote Calls on Ohio Governor to Veto Harmful Election Bills

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Today, Project Vote sent a letter to Ohio Governor John Kasich, calling on him to veto SB 205 and SB... Read more

Voter Suppression Laws Most Likely Pass Where Minority Turnout Is High, Says Report

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There may be a correlation between high minority voter turnout and the passage of restrictive voting laws, according to a... Read more