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Challenging Voter Suppression

Voter IntimidationThe right to vote has been one of the most challenged individual rights in the history of this country. Unfortunately, illegal and cynical attempts to suppress the vote and manipulate voters persist to this day. Among the strategies used are voter intimidation and voter challenges.

In recent years, Election Day challenges to voter eligibility have resulted in a number of controversies in polling places across the country. The fact that areas with large minority populations have been consistently targeted for aggressive challenges indicates that unlawful voter suppression tactics are a continuing concern in our country.

Project Vote’s legal team responds to reports of voter intimidation, and works to enact policies that both protect voters and reinstate confidence in the integrity of our electoral system.

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Project Vote Calls on Governors to Protect Voters and Allay Fears of Violence and Intimidation

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Project Vote has asked the governors of several states to take steps to reassure their citizens that they can expect a safe voting environment on Election Day. Read more

Project Vote Condemns Trump’s Irresponsible Rhetoric

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A statement from Project Vote president Michael Slater on Donald Trump's call for poll watchers, and his refusal to say whether he will accept the outcome of the election. Read more

Voter Empowerment Act would Improve Elections for Both Voters and Officials

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Today, the Voter Empowerment Act (VEA) was introduced in the House of Representatives. Estelle Rogers, legislative director for Project Vote, issued the following statement in support of this important legislation. Read more

Project Vote Applauds Introduction of Bi-Partisan Bill to Restore the Protections of the Voting Rights Act

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Today, Congressmen James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and John Conyers (D-MI), and Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT), introduced a bipartisan update to the Voting Rights Act. Read more

Project Vote Statement on North Carolina Voter Suppression Bill

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"North Carolina’s senate leadership has taken a bad bill and made it immeasurably worse…" Read more

Voting Rights Act Ruling a Setback for Our Great Democracy

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Today’s ruling is a significant setback for voting rights in our great democracy. The Voting Rights Act remains one of the most important achievements of the civil rights movement, and for almost 50 years has been a vital tool to protect real voters from losing their right to cast a ballot.  Read more

Harmful Language Barrier in Elections Bill Would Impact Many Seeking Assistance at the Polls

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As the senate election bill SB 600 heads to the floor for a final vote on Wednesday, voting rights advocates are flagging the amended language in the bill that creates a harmful barrier to some voters to cast a ballot. Read more

Tea Party, GOP Groups, Target Minorities for Voter Suppression Schemes

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As the hotly contested November election nears, it should be no surprise that voter intimidation and suppression schemes are ramping up too.  Even beyond the usual partisan pre-election hysteria, this year the Tea Party has made "voter fraud" a rallying cry. Read more

Project Vote: RNC Wants to Renew its License to Suppress Voters

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On the eve of the November election, while the focus of the nation and the media were on the next day’s voting, the Republican National Committee (RNC) was quietly moving to ensure that, in future elections, they could benefit from voter caging, voter intimidation, and other dirty practices. Read more

New Project Vote Media Memo Assesses GOP’s Record of Voter Caging and Other So-Called “Ballot Security” Measures

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On November 3, 2008, on the eve of an historic defeat for the GOP, the Republican National Committee (RNC) quietly filed a motion to dissolve an existing consent decree that prohibits them from engaging in so-called “ballot-security” measures… Read more