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Viviana Hurtado Joins Project Vote to Get Out the Latino Vote

altAward-winning reporter and blogger Viviana Hurtado joins Project Vote for a targeted campaign to reach Latino voters this election season. She will conduct voter outreach to the diverse Hispanic community across the nation through public events and in the media. Viviana is an experienced journalist and in-demand media personality whose expertise and authenticity resonates with everyday Americans.

“Working with Project Vote gives me the opportunity to connect directly with new and experienced voters on the issues that matter to me and my community,” says Viviana. “Voting is more than just my right as an American citizen. When I, along with millions of other Americans vote, we have a say in our own future and the future of our communities and country.”

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Prior to the close of voter registration, Viviana traveled to Miami and Philadelphia to talk to the press and the public on the importance of voter registration and participation. In Miami, Viviana teamed up with the host of Univision’s ¡Viva la Familia! and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) for a fun and educational voter registration event. For the last day of Pennsylvania’s voter registration, Viviana joined El Congreso de Latinos Unidos and NCLR for a highly successful voter registration drive and to answer questions on voting and voting rights. While on the road, Viviana appeared on Miami’s top rated morning drive time shows on both the AM and FM bands, on Philly’s largest Spanish-language radio station and on local CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates.

As Project Vote’s Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) campaign gets underway, Viviana is traveling across the country with the message: “your vote matters for you and for your community.” By working in conjunction with local partners, Project Vote’s GOTV campaign educates registered voters on their rights and the importance of going to the polls. 

Viviana seeks to spark civic engagement and community involvement by using traditional and new media tools to reach the Latino community, which is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. “Hispanics voting at the same rates as everyone else will only strengthen our great democracy,” says Viviana. "Voter turnout will be high for this election. Project Vote encourages everyone to go vote and have your voice heard."




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