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What Happened to Hope and Change? A Poll of 2008 Voters

What Happened to Hope and Change? A Poll of the 2008 Electorate, examines views on government and public spending held by 2008 voters, a more demographically diverse population than any in recent history. What this report reveals is that the majority of mainstream Americans have starkly different opinions and expectations about the role of government, particularly on economic matters, than the more widely (and loudly) reported beliefs of the mostly white, wealthier conservatives known as "Tea Party" sympathizers.

This report summarizes the findings of a poll, conducted in July 2010 by Project Vote, surveying 1,947 Americans who cast ballots in 2008, including oversamples of black voters, low-income voters, and voters under the age of 30. The findings reveal that most Americans are dissatisfied with the current state of the country, but a clear majority of them want their government to do more, not less.

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